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    Here at Happy Hangup, we are passionate about the environment and committed to protecting and nurturing our planet. Our Organic Happy Hangup is a blend of Hemp and 100% Organic Cotton.

    Organic cotton is grown without the use of harmful chemicals, using methods and materials that have a low environmental impact.  Their certification guarantees compliance to organic standards and ensures a respect for the social and economic rights of the farmers and producers. In using organic cotton we are supporting sustainable farming practices, reducing the contamination of our earth and increasing the quality of our health. Organic cotton is soft, strong and resilient. Grown and manufactured without the use of harmful chemicals means it is gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin. The pure fibers allow your baby’s skin to breathe naturally.

    Hemp and other natural fibre products have some environmentally sustainable answers to the problems faced by increased consumerism in the societies in which we live. It is one of the softest, most durable, absorbent sustainable fabrics that utilise the minimum of chemicals from the farm to the factory. 

    The health of our planet depends on us treading lightly with awareness and care. As parents we are faced with many questions and decisions about the life we want to create for our children. Everyday our children are exposed to chemicals and harmful toxins. Children are precious and the natural environment one of our greatest treasures. By making the choice to support sustainable and ecological practices we are helping to nurture and build a safer and healthier world.


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    Organic Happy Hangup

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