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  • My Crutch and I... Lessons Learnt While I Was Stuck On the Couch

    I came home on crutches, brooding and worrying how I would cope with my day to day with my active boys. My husband was away for the weekend, and I was on my own, with very limited mobilty and in a lot of pain.
    I was worried and thought I would never keep up with the hectic-ness I call parenting.
    It turned out to be one of Ryder's most favourite weekend.
    He is 2, and he wants is his mum... and Peppa Pig. On a usual day, I use TV so I can look presentable with a 5 min shower and make up routine, TV allows me to cook so I can feed my family. Basically TV is there so I can function independently for a lightning moment.
    But this weekend, I cuddled and enjoyed TV with Ryder. Just him and me (and Peppa), for as long as we liked. I stopped because I couldn't do a thing, I enjoyed his company as he enjoyed mine.
    We also played trains, puzzles and ate together. We listened to music and made playdoh cake, sang lots of borthday songs and blew out numerous candles. I would usually be so busy catching up on housework while he played, but I couldn't do that this weekend. And it was the best thing for us, for now.
    I'm not ignorant, and I know that is idealistic. I am a work from home mum. Family, home and business management are all part of my portfolio. Today, I prioritised my family fun and dumped my chores, and I am thankful I had a chance to just be.
    So perhaps more often than not, I hope you get a chance to stop and smell the flowers with your child/ren.



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