Happy Hangup Baby Hammocks

  • When a door shuts, another opens... I'm almost famous!

    5 years ago, I worked in a heavily male dominated environment. I was motivated, successful and looking to build my career. I always found my gender to be a disadvantage at my workplace, but also found it a challenge to find the fit. I was in my mid thirties and became worried about getting pregnant and having a child. I knew it would set me back.

    I fell pregnant anyway. It wasn't because I was rebellious, I thought it would be ok. Everything will fall in place, surely. I am smart, I will balance motherhood with a job like most women. They have done it for years. 2 months before I was about to celebrate the next biggest milestone in my adult life, I was asked to leave the company that I was working for. I couldn't understand why, but I have seen it happen before. So I wasn't surprised, but nonetheless, I was still gutted.

    The early few months of motherhood was hard. I had an extremely fussy baby and the jump into the realm of this huge responsibility to care for a little human was difficult and unpredictable.

    I was anxious and found little or no solutions. The truth of the matter was “I was not in control”. And I was still brewing about the unfair result of my work life.

    To cut a long story short, I learnt over many many months what parenting meant and how to be gentle on myself. Each person's experience is different and I wanted to share how being a Mumpreneur has allowed to balance my focus. I didn't want to shift my focus, but I knew to find some success and drive outside of my challenges as a first time mum.

    I chanced on Happy Hangup – Baby Hammock to help my son sleep. The reason was simple and reassuring. And immediately found the need and gap in the marketplace for this beautiful yet practical sleep accessory. I took it on. I became the business owner of Happy Hangup.

    Not immediately but rather soon, helplessness turned to empowerment. Displeasure turned to direction. It sounds like I was detesting the journey of motherhood, not at all. But starting this business distracted me. It put everything into perspective and taught me not to sweat the small stuff. I channelled my controlling mind to my new business and allowed my open heart to guide my parenting.

    4 years on, I am celebrating the hard work, the freedom and the control Happy Hangup has brought to me. I am humbled to be nominated for the National Ausmumpreneur Awards this year in the Business Excellence (Judged) and Retail Business (People’s Choice). And in less than a week, I will be flying to Melbourne as a solo working mum, joining many others in this same journey. Regardless of the results of the awards, I cannot wait to meet my “colleagues” from a different workplace to debrief and honour the ups and downs of being a Mumpreneur. 

    Thank you to all who voted for me in the round one and I am so fortunate to do what I do. XOXOX


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