Happy Hangup Baby Hammocks

  • How my baby is growing inside me?


    Who is this tiny stranger with whom I cannot part, although he is only one day old, he has stolen my heart.”

    Baby in utero

    How is my baby formed? Why my baby needs movement and to be wrapped?

    I still vividly remember the 2 most memorable and incredible days in my life. My 2 sons Slater and Ryder who stole my heart and continue to amaze me every day.

    I saw this video some time ago and it is absolutely mind blowing what the human body is capable of. It shows us how we grow a beautiful baby. Simply miraculous, and I am thankful everyday for two priceless and healthy gifts that my husband and I have.

    You really begin to understand the real benefits of a baby hammock for a newborn. The sensations and movement the unborn baby experiences in utero is perfectly replicated in the Happy Hangup.


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