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  • Description

    This frame provides an indoor/outdoor portable stand for the Happy Hangup. Easy to assembly and dismantle, it is designed for portability convenience. The stand is a four-legged "tripod" about 2m high.

    Especially useful if you are in a rented arrangement, or to leave a grandparents' house as a sleeping alternative when visiting. This stand allows you to use the Happy Hangup as a port-a-cot when not at home.

    The stand is a four legged "tripod" about 2 m high. It was originally designed for another product but works well with the Happy Hangup provided the maximum load on the stand does not exceed its specified maximum of 15 kg. The stand is collapsible and weighs about 6 kg.

    The four legs screw together from 8 lengths each 80 cm (32") long.

    The stand is 170 cm high to the hook, and the base of the legs is 1 m square


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