• Happy Hangup Pack

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    A unique cradling hammock suspended below a spring which allows gentle up and down motion. Bouncing and swinging hammocks have been used in many cultures throughout the ages to comfort infants and help them sleep soundly.

    The Happy Hangup is dramatically distinguished by its beautiful handcrafted wooden hanger. This is hand-finished with a highly refined mixture of natural plant oils.

    • Available in 2 colours


    * A beautiful & durable wooden hanger, manufactured from Australian plantation pine and hand-finished with natural plant oils

    * The safety spring able to support up to 20kg (44lb), and with high strength safety cord through the centre

    * 90 cm of safety chain with a movable link (35.4 inch)

    * 100% heavy-duty cotton hammock

    * 58 cm square cushion (22.83 inch)

    * Stand 

    * Detailed instruction booklet

    Included in this PACK is -

    * One beautiful and durable wooden hanger

    * One safety spring

    * One safety chain with a movable link

    * One cotton hammock

    * One square cushion 

    * One Stand 

    * Detailed instruction booklet


Happy Hangup Pack

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