Product Care
When you first receive your Happy Hangup, the wooden portion may be slightly sticky and may have strong chemical smell. Please do not be concerned, as the Happy Hangup is hand finished with a non-toxic and completely safe organic wood oil. In the enclosed package, the smell may sometimes be overbearing, if so, you can clean with a lint free cloth and over a few days, the smell will fade.
Your Happy Hangup is simple to keep clean. Simply dust or wipe the wooden frame with a damp cloth. The hammock should be handwashed every month, or can be machine washed on a gentle cycle with cold water. After a wash, the fibres in the hammock will “spring” back into shape and tighten the curve of the hammock.
Safety Care
In the unlikely event of a spring snap, the Happy Hangup is constructed with a safety cord that runs through the middle of the spring.
Always check the safety cord is in good condition - no signs of wear on the nylon cord. A safe knot is tied and concealed within the spring body and this cord should never be tampered with.
How to Hang it

1. All built ceilings have rafters that are able to support the weight of an adult. A threaded hook may be securely installed into such a ceiling rafter.

Alternatively, the chain may be hung over, or drilled through, a solid support such as a beam.

Ensure that your method is able to safely carry an adult. This will ensure that it is safe for your baby. We recommend you engage a professional builder's advice for optimum safety.

2. Hang the chain from the chosen support.

Suspend the Happy Hangup® so that your baby will be no greater than your hip height from the floor. This will protect you from back strain as you put your baby in and out. This will also enable the safety cord to protect the baby in the rare event of a faulty spring.

3. Open the movable link located at the far end of the chain.

Attach this link back to the chain at the required length, and finger-tighten the link shut.